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Revolution in Pakistan Part 2

In my last post, the quick test responses indicate that there is little, if any, chance of revolution in Pakistan. However, I can still envision a better Pakistan ruling out any possibility of a repeated history of revolution in Pakistan.

For the first time in our democratic history, the government is finishing off its complete, uninterrupted term. Khakis appear to have realized that their role must only be that of loyal, paid, and armed security personnel. Moreover, they have given several blows to our feudal lords since most of them happen to be villagers themselves – eradicating the feudal mindset, opening up schools, and embracing modernization. The government also seems to eradicate Taliban sanctuaries by regulating and registering Madiris of Pakistan.

Matters have also improved on our media landscape, the primary driver of informing people of their social problems. Tens of TV channel devote large airtimes exposing corruption of the ruling elite. The recent CCTV exposure of mistreatment of a bakery man on orders of Punjab Sharif’s daughter is an example of how media keeps its check on the ill doings of the elite.

Another hope for Pakistan is the rise of apparently clean political parties such as PTI. While it still lacks the street machinery with which dirty politics of Pakistan is played, we can anticipate that the oppressed masses will fuel the cause of saving Pakistan from its long held vices. Surely, PTI lacks the conventional voting machinery like street politics, hooliganism, and feudalism; but we can still presume (or hope) that a sizable majority of new voters will endorse a leader that has, to date, did little damage to our country. If the hope happens to be true, we can surely anticipate a revolution in Pakistan – for better or for worse.



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