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Consoling Asma After Her rs.20 load

My Dear Asma,


My deepest sympathies for your tragic illness. May God helps in your speedy recovery, and may others replace your hospital bed and die starving for easy load.

Now that I’ve sent you what you needed, let me console you with an explanation why others won’t bother giving a damn to your innocent plea.

First, it’s 2014.People literally dont give an F to respond to unsolicited SMS anymore. You appear to face a stiff competition from Ghar Ghar Benezir messagea, Mobilink’s sAb Keh Do messages, Warid’s FREE FREE 0.3+t FEE messages, and others. You don’t even seem to promise ‘Sachi Yaari’ for bachi-hungry guys who did move a little from the words ‘Kar dun ge’ at the end of your message.

Secondly, people literally can’t understand what on earth gave you  phone numbers for the mass message. They suspect that you’re a crook of a bloody easy-load shop, or a guy in disguise of girl.

Third, you fail to supply enough information about your illness, neither do you mention the security for the credit. You should’ve at least mentioned that AIDS would send you to eternal abode in a few days, and that each rs.20 load would sow 20 million seeds in heaven.

Finally, 20 rupees is a big amount for a stranger, you see.  Depending on one’s needs, twenty rupees can give you an eternal bliss of a regular Pepsi, or a cup full of Doodh Patti, or 4 Gold Leafs, or 1 kg carrots, or 2 Nescafe sachets, or 2 Jet Spots.

My dear Asma, it is my humble request to pardon those poor souls who couldn’t understand the agony of your miserable life. I am sure each of them would buy 20rs of petals to shower at your grave.

Your Ch Donor



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  1. arsalan hussaini

    Bs Kr pagly
    Rulaye ga kya:'(

  2. Abhi asma baji ki tabiyat kaisi hai?? phone kar k poocho..!!! :p

  3. Awesome fithalllll

  4. i got tear in my eyes after read all that, what a heart touching story,
    now i have made up my mind, now as soon as i get messege from asma, i will reply her with proposal of marriage , once i get marry then on daily basses i swear to god! i will give her 20 ruppes ( in hard casH), ;p

    • Sajid, Asma will not be happy with 20rs/day.
      She sends the message to 100000 people and gets lots and lots of money 😀
      And she is already married to the easy load shop guy 😀 😀 😀

  5. Pagle Rula Mat 😦 Wese Itna Lamba Kese Likha? Kasme Pagal Ho Aap B! Jao Asma K Sath Bed Pe So Jao 😛

  6. Faisal bhai, when i met you and their you told me about ASMA 20rs wali kahani…. Seriously man i was thinking what was ASMA gonna do in 20rs, not only that so many bullsh*ts came in my mind. Finally mujhe asma ki sachayee pata chalee


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