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Unpredictability is Life, Certainty is Death – And a Few More Reasons to Hate Science

Man has always sought to solve unpredictabilities of life by the way of science – observing phenomenon, making generalizations, favoring positive experiences and limiting bad ones. But while science and technology helped us in reducing pains, it also acted in reducing the pleasure we would derive from surviving through necessary odds of our everyday life.
Here are a few ways in which science is concurrently acting to ruin the hope for humanity.


Medical Science
When a sonologist predicts the fate of the fetus as a girl or boy, parents would lose half their excitement in advance. If the poor fetus happens to be one of parents who’d would mind having a gender against their choice, they may simply seek abortion.

Then there are cases for euthnasia, a practice by which patients and caregivers voluntarily or involuntary seek termination of life support when the doctor has confirmed of little or no chances of patient’s recovery or survival.

In neuroscience, and more specifically neuroimaging, patterns can tell what mental and physical diseases you would develop later in your life. Would you really bother to mend your weak areas if you were ever ‘told’.


Physical Science
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Atoms form the basis of all things. There are three forms of matter…We are all star dust!
Apply physical science in real life…and you produce a hell!
Science has no space for soul, the spirit that unconsiously lies and reflects from us round the clock. You can’t just classify humans like objects of solid, liquid and gas. Or rather, as trillions of atoms. Or constituents of thousands of chemical constituents.


Evolutionary Science
Start respecting monkeys, at least more than your grand dad, if you are a staunch evolutionary thinker!!! While evolution holds true for most things in the world, telling the human story is a dangerous task.


Computer Science
The information age, powered mainly through computer sciences, is soon going to make us nuts. It will land us into a world where thinking would be seen as rarity and a waste of time. You won’t be able to even memorize 10 phone numbers because of this bullshit.


Regardless of my dark observations about the lifelessness of science, it is set to grow…and at a faster pace than ever. We might eventually be able to make silicon-based humans. But yeah, they would have more death than life.


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