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Money Does…

Money Does…

Money makes Morals

Name, Fame and Laurels

Money Rules the Lands

Beginning and the Ends

Money Feeds Hindus

Muslims, Christians, Jews

Money Decides the Fate

Respect, Love and Hate

Money Carves Beauty

Wisdom, Health, Piety

Money Gets the Wrath

Body, Blood and Breath





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  1. Money decides all things but how money gets such power/ potency to decide all things..??

    • Hi Faisal. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
      Well, money – seen as wealth in this poem – does everything because of its ability to lure us into getting more and more of everything. Money also has the power to drive subliminal consumption, or one that is not really intended.
      The human tendency to elevate himself among the fellows is also driven by presence of material wealth.

      I would like to know of your concept of money..


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