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How Pakistani MBAs Fit When They Won’t Get Field Jobs

Through 90s and 2000s, Pakistan produced a shit load of business graduates, particularly those in Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, programs..The natural result of all this orgy came in the form of a generation of misemployed or unemployed MBAs!

MBA grads invading the entrepreneurial landscape?

Until late 2000s, most MBAs could have been accommodated into one of so-called management trainee positions by  both local companies and MNCs. But as matters got worse, we saw MBAs working as data-entry operators, bank clerks, or even call center agents. However, being taught to act as jack of all trades, MBAs could have well adjusted into one of these off-tracks as well, as long as you could have a white-collar shirt, its a go-go, one would say.

Who ate MBA jobs?

MBA graduates specializing in finance saw their jobs stolen by a stream of certified accounting professionals: ACCAs, ICMAs, CAs and CIMAs etc.

MBA graduates specializing in marketing got their jobs ripped off by average salespeople good in social and BD skills.

And MBA graduates specializing in HR and Supply Chain were replaced by low paid college grads who would be happy working 10 hour shifts for the cost of peanuts.



A Few New Working Avenues for MBAs

Let me dismiss myself as an authority for advice, but I see myself (and others like me) justly adjusted into one of the off-beat MBA fields in fairly good terms: good salaries, easy job timings, respect, honor and learning all inclusive.

Teachers: No matter how stigmatic it may seem, some MBAs feel clearly honored sailing the classroom environment. Fahim Abbasi, an IBA grad, chose the track and is a laudable educationist figure and entrepreneur.

Researchers: Did you do your MBA being bookish. Than stay like one and enjoy great perks of being a research analyst. No extra-ordinary social skills required. No word jugglery. Earn easily with precision and growth.

Content Writers: Oh, tat’s my field these days (in fact, for the past 5 years). It rewards well and does not suck your labor if you reap quality.

Online Traders: Did marketing or supply chain majors in MBA and work disheartedly. Go make an online store or facilitator at eBay or ODesk. E-commerce is the future of business. Get into it now.


End Thought: 

Don’t settle for good, demand great — that’s the sales line for one of the mobile handset these days. If you feel you are underemployed, misemployed or even unemployed because your MBA just isn’t good enough for the market, create one and stay there. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.









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