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Children of War

Before you grow up, my child
Remember that we’re already doomed
You were born in an age of chaos
In times that helped only powers boom
In an era when only might was right
In a place where only battles survive


In smokes, flames and bombs
In pits, graves and tombs
And its not only here that the worlds a hell
Its wider than what newspapers would tell
Its in the love for voilence
Its in the obsession for silence
Its in the long boots of soldiers
And in the filthy mind of a traitor

So before you grow up or die
Know this. One. Last. Time.
We were already doomed
When the world let powers boom



As long As We are Different

I am dark

Coz you’re white

I am unhappy

Coz you’re content

I am deprived

Coz you’re blessed

I hate everything

Coz you’re obsessed

I can”t rest

Coz you dont work

I am alone

Coz you’ve company

I can’t speak

Coz you don’t listen

We’re just normal

As long as we are different