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Man? Middle-Class? Marriage? Wait till you’re 30!

Being a middle-class, limited resource man means you ought to marry late (at least after 30) for some very obvious reasons. Gone are the days when you would see a happy family – with a woman in her early 20s carrying an infant in her arms seated along her husband riding the motor cycle. ‘’ With a complete round of doses of extravagance depicted through the T.V. Soaps, every woman has gradually understood to live her life no lesser than Queen Elizabeth.  At the same time, men have learnt that they must hunt for a partner who is independent, supportive, highly intelligent and educated, and to top it all, look very similar to Angelina Julie, or Katreena.


The increasing globalization, the depleting resources, the horrible Malthus’s theory of population explosion and its consequences, the soon approaching end of the time as per Mayan’s calendar,  and the MOPW campaigns have all convinced us it is seriously uneconomical, dangerous, and fruitless to continue the traditions of marriage and family making. Even if some of us do not find these negative potentialities of family making, the thought the we would not be able to feed our grandsons (and their grandsons) is strong enough, at least, to delay marrying until things turn favorable.


The economic hardships and unreasonable expectations are not the only causes of a delayed marriage. Education also plays a vital role in building up a mass of hapless, spouse(less), medium-income adults. For aligning our HR standards with international benchmarks, employers are seeking bachelors who have at least completed 16 years of education. This naturally makes it impossible for students to graduate before they age 23. And since most students of the middle-income families opt for a master’s degree as well, fresh post graduates are 25 before they start off their careers. 4 years are too little to get a position (and a salary) you could rely upon for a sustainable and decent living. So there you go at 30 – ready to hunt for your dream partner. But remember you are looking for Angelina, and this is no easy job!