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Purpose of Existence

Do you know the purpose of existence?

Of the 72 year old who spent 35 soldier years in his country’s defence

Who, as a lieutenant, served his dearly mother country;

Dealing with challenges to save his Indian territory;

The man now has no one to depend on;

For an accident has deprived him of his wife and son

Having been retired from his work recently

He wishes to spend his end-of-life decently

He loves to experience the chilly morning walk

He loves the company of Yoga class friends and their talk

He visits a temple to read his prayer and love his god

He helps those read who he keeps dear a lot

As he returns to home after his morning affairs He devours the food he prepares

A paralyzed old aged neighbor also takes a share

From the retired man’s food and his sense of care

Hours they spent talking and sharing stories

For old agers relish their past and their past glories

When done with the lunch he heads for a cause

Into a non-profit organization that works without a boss

He helps the poor kids in their work and studies

For he understands and feels their poverty and miseries

He hands in gifts and chocolates to them on occasions

He helps them in their projects and helps them learn their lessons

Lessons which would reflect learning from his army life

Lessons which would help reduce their degree of strife

Some of these inculcate a spirit of patriotic devotion

Some of these reduce their unwanted emotion

When at times he misses his deceased son

He looks at those children with whom he has gotten no blood relation

He feels their unconditional love and calms his heart

And feels so cared for though his real son is apart

When in the evening he goes to an aged care centre

He visits his friend and read a newspaper together

And often engages in wood crafting with the other elderly

He builds his art in many shapes and forms

The favourite of which are towers, planes, boats and dorms

He assists arranging the wood craft fair at the centre

Where old age people would explore each other’s artistic wonder

This fair exhibits the height of his old friends’ celebrations

A prize for the best art-work gives reason for jubilations

He does not sleep for the sake of sleep

He does not accept that his future is in the soil’s deep

He finds his happiness in the service of others

He would die one day, but he never bothers

He deceives this reality with the happiness’s resistance

And this is what he says is the ‘Purpose of Existence’