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Fighting the Tuition Culture

After-school tuition is a menace. Besides questioning the credibility of a school, it heavily consumes effort, time and money of students and their parents. However, the tuition culture continues to flourish so much so that it has become a symbol of status quo. If a school-goer has no tutor or coaching, many would believe, it is probably because of an inability to afford one.


I have spent more than a decade in teaching and tutoring. My own experience is that most parents get their child tutored only because of the heck of it or because they cannot persuade the child to do her homework. A tutor is hence hired as a specialized security guard who ensures that the child does not escape home work or test preparation. The idea is that if independence were ever granted, the child will surely skip her home work and test preparation.


Recently, however, I got a chance to tutor a student of KN Academy. It is a boarding school in Karachi so the child was on her family holidays during the summer. I was hired to keep her engaged in art work which she has great interest in. I was astonished to see pictures of her work for KN Academy art exhibition. It simply wasn’t a product of forceful teaching or tutorship.

Digging out deep into values of KN Academy, I found that their teachers were producing ‘independent learners’, students who’d read even if they had freedom to get distracted. I recommend you give a visit to the school if you think your child needs to develop as a free learner.



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