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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a 26 27 28 year old guy still exploring the wonders of life. I like hanging out with friends, but sometimes being alone is fun too.

I am an enigmatic, creative, dependable, realistic, lazy and sarcastic wordsmith. I eat, sleep and pee in a Karachi downtown. My hobbies are reading, partying, biking, writing and thinking.

This blog is a place where I store my thoughts in writing. And since I can think in many different ways, I have expressed my thoughts for a varied set of audience. So, if you’re looking particularly for a baby blog, or a dog blog, this might not be a right place for you.

Through my writings, I will try to make you laugh, cry, think, and ponder over the most important issues  in your daily life. They should help you love and hate things, ideas, people in the manner they ought be be loved and hated in the best interest of my world, your world, our world!

Hey, the person in the picture is surely not me. But yeah, I do have an attitude.


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  1. Hello,
    I read your two post about FB and Cricket, both are nicely written and keep the reader’s interest through out the post apart from this I condemn smoking and hate the habit, anyway.
    May Allah bless you, ameen


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