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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Stop Overparenting Your Child!

Overparenting and spoonfeeding is a common problem in a country like ours. Parents are forcefully making children unnecessarily dependent on them, causing them to defer their natural learning process. 

Very few children these days can say they have ever climbed a tree, made a torch or a paper fan out of a broken toy car, played with (or bitten) by insects, traveled in a bus on their own, did their homework themselves, made friends based on their own choice, cleaned a toilet,   baked or cooked without permission, washed their clothes or ironed them, polished shoes or laced them right, bought a months grocery, wrote a poem, planted veges, massaged their parents feet.. The list goes on…
The result is a generation of immature children with inflated or deflated self esteems. 
I am not a parent, but I think children should be allowed to have few of such experiences themselves. They might get a bruise or two, but those will come a long way in making their own, independent and original personalities in later life.