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Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Only Reason to Thank God

Do we genuinely pray to God?

For ages, humans have been thanking God for reasons of greed, compulsion and fear. The greedy praise god for material desires. The compulsive pray in order to stick to their custom or tribe. The fearful want to avoid the torment of hell. In most cases, our idea behind thanking god mainly reflects a personal or individualized desire to have pleasant situations. Our prayers are, in most cases, very, very subjective.


The intelligent people thank god because they see so much ignorance around them. The rich praise god seeing the poor. The peaceful thank god because there is a lot of turmoil. The winners thank god because they didn’t lose; the successful because they didn’t fail. The healthy would be pleased because the disease lies elsewhere, the famous because the common man is mainstream, the family men because so many are orphaned or destitute.

But why care for the whole world? Why on earth would you ask the same thing for others not RELATED to you? Have you got the responsibility of the entire human race? Do you think god wants everyone to be equally happy? Are you crazy?

Yes, I do think so. I do believe god wanted us to have equal happiness. Why would god want some people to have their desires fulfilled and not of others? Would not god want to solve all the problems of humanity? Would it not be great if everyone was a winner?

God is just. He gives what one deserves, you would say. I completely agree. We can’t have a world where everyone wears the same shoes or has equal number of siblings or children or enjoy similar shape, size or health. That would not only be boring, but also disastrous.

But everyone deserves happiness. And if my happiness means sadness for others, I should better not have it. I just pray to god that people start off being a little less selfish in their prayers. The intent of their prayers must not smell of a desire to remain or become privileged. They should not demand anything that raises their socio-economic status. When they do so, they merely ask something that gives birth to a plethora of social conflicts, jealousy and intrigue.

We should rather ask for a simple life. We should look for enlightenment and enrichment of our souls. We should demand patience and wisdom, humility and humbleness, responsibility and discipline, peace and tranquility. These are the spiritual qualities which the god readily disposes if asked for. These are the prayers I believe every saint asked for.